UCIA Doing Biosolids for $50 Million

You will recall from the last blog that the Union County Improvement Authority (UCIA) has gotten about $30 million* from county taxpayers since 2004, lately to keep from defaulting on bonds from an inane solar panel scheme. That amount is headed higher with another deal going down:

2019-529: Resolution of the Board of Chosen Freeholders of the County of Union, New Jersey providing the consent for the Union County Improvement Authority to undertake and implement the construction of a Biodosolids Processing Facility to be located in the City of Linden, New Jersey.

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Check Registry Date – May 2019

Click here for a spreadsheet of payouts from 2004 sorted by recipient and date paid through May, 2019 as taken from Union County Check Registry data. Some familiar names are in additional worksheets in the file. Among them:

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Bond Ordinance – 2019

Whatever Union County can’t get from raising taxes as much as is allowable under the tax cap and stealing Open Space taxes they bond for each summer. They will do it again tomorrow and this year’s number is $48,560,397.

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Still Enough For Everybody?

In an unusual moment of candor typically reserved for backroom whispers or private email servers our political boss in Union County reassured his electorate after a bit of an internal kerfuffle with the words:

“As my mayor in Linden says, there’s enough for everybody. Right, Mayor?” Scutari said. “And I pledge to work with him and my members of my city council in Linden — congratulations, mayor — and work with everyone here regardless of where we were before we came in here today.”

Which is what an audience dependent on government jobs and no-bid contracts wants to hear. But is there still really enough?

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UC Dem Primary Results

When pot-boy Nick Scutari decided to jump the M/F/M/F line of succession to chair of the Union County Democratic Committee he got some pushback and, yesterday, some payback.

Internet coverage of the results with selected excerpts:

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UCCF 5/23/19: Freeholders Pay for Sexual Harassment

2019-463: A resolution authorizing Settlement of pending litigation in the matter entitled Susan Pearl & Cynthia Pisano v. UC, ct al, Docket No. MID-L-5833-18, in the total amount not to exceed $395,000 (County Contribution not to exceed is S230,000, remainder from Chubb Insurance Co.)

This is how the litigation was explained by County Counsel Robert Barry:

And this is how TapintoClark explained it:
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Union County Freeholder Debate 5/29/19

There was a gathering in Plainfield yesterday to which the League of Women Voters (LWV)  invited nine Democrat freeholder candidates in the June 4 primary in anticipation of a debate. According to an eye witness (Bruce Paterson) here is what took place.

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