UCCF 5/12/22: MV Strategies in NJ

When asked what MV Strategies did and who else they did it for, we got this response:

So these are supposed to be the clients of MV Strategies in New Jersey:

  • Union County
  • Hudson County
  • Camden County
  • Gloucester County
  • Burlington County
  • Middlesex County
  • City of West New York
  • State of New Jersey

If googling is supposed to yield better results than sending in OPRA requests it’s worth a try.

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UCCF 5/12/22: MV Strategies Called Out

Nobody got the poll question right as Bruce Paterson was shut down after 4 paragraphs of his statement at last night’s Union County commissioner meeting – though it had to do with running into a time limit after laying out his timeline of trying to find out what MV Strategies did for $750,000.

But most of you were right about commissioner backlash:

Here is the full exchange:

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UCCF 5/12/22: MV Strategies To Be Called Out

This is what Bruce Paterson proposes saying at tonight’s Union County commissioner meeting:

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UCCF 4/28/22: Roasting Paterson

Interested in making your voice heard in Union County? Think again.

You are not going to hear anything substantive about what MV Strategies really did for their $750,000 but you will see more commissioners taking out their hatred of free speech on Bruce Paterson.

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UCIA Stipends – 2022

Even with a cloud over the Union County Government Complex project, monthly stipends paid by the Union County Improvement Authority (UCIA) continue.

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UCIA Stipend Change

Since last September when the Union County Government Complex project was initiated there have stipends being out. As of January 1, 2022 there was a change in how those stipends are being paid:

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County violated state law

It happens that Bergen County had a similar situation and today the Star Ledger reported (or maybe mis-reported) on what the State Supreme County had to say. Excerpts follow.

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Covid Emergency Costs

When Union County was asked for records concerning Emergency Contracts this is what they came out with. When you total the amount column it comes to $48,196,550. When you total the Amount of EAF column it comes to $162,293,808. What EAF means is anyone’s guess.

Of more interest are the names that appear in the Vendor column including these three:

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Stay in white-trash Kenilworth!!

Hectic tax time and with Central States taking their time applying for a bailout and New Jersey taking their time posting the GASB 75 report for the SHBP State Retired Fund, I was facing a few dark blogging days until today’s mail brought relief.

Here is what I got with my responses below.

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UCE – Top Paid

Union County Employees (UCE) making over $150,000 in salary for 2022.

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