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Why are important projects now unaffordable?

The ARC tunnel has become a political issue in Union County because freeholder Daniel Sullivan served on the transportation board and he’s up for re-election. He’s been arguing against Gov. Chris Christie’s halt on the project and flyers were passed out to Summit rail passengers depicting the Republican Freeholder Candidates as being anti-tunnel. Republican freeholder candidate Ellen Dickson is a Summit councilwoman. According to a statement she made at a freeholder meeting, she isn’t anti tunnel; she’s concerned with the cost overruns.

So am I. In fact, I wish someone would be indicted over them.

Tonight Sullivan in his limited wisdom lamented that great projects like the George Washington Bridge were build during the depression. Why can’t we find the money to build a tunnel now? This was after he voted to spend approximately 23 million dollars and sat through a presentation that calls for tens of millions of dollars to be invested in two county parks.

Why can’t we spend, spend, spend? Take a hard look in the mirror Sullivan. As a government employee and a reckless spending account for nothing politician it’s your entire fault.

The New York Times op-ed columnist David Brooks seems to speak directly to the Sullivan’s in government in his piece The Paralysis of the State published October 12, 2010.