UC Democrat Committee Members In UC Government

According to census figures total employment in Union County is at 202,372. According to New Jersey pension records 20,878 of those jobs are in government.

Theoretically then 10% of the members of the Union County Democratic Committee should also be working in government to be representative of the general population. It’s not even close.

When comparing names, of the 849 Committee members there are 243 in households with jobs in some area of government in Union County. That comes to  29% and does not include relatives or vendors like Dennis McCarthy of Garwood whose company has gotten $768,791 in county money from 2004 (earliest date of data available) through mid-2017.

These are the people who decide who gets on the ballots. They are not about to get behind anyone who messes with their money. Hence our predicament.

Here they are:



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