UCCF 9/2/21: Unpacking Some Baggage

There was a real question I had, among my cathartic comments, that I expected to be answered at this Commissioner meeting but instead it was ignored (or ignorance was plead):

Here is how my comments were read into the record:

I originally submitted a youtube of me basically saying that (with a some visual effects) but video comments are not accepted. Next blog you can see that video plus a couple of others that I asked to be made part of the public record.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Ed Oatman and Bibi Taylor must be investigated by authorities immediately for their corruption and theft of taxpayer money. They need to be terminated immediately. Union County taxpayers deserve better than these two carpetbaggers with zero talent who lie and avoid to keep their filthy jobs and suck up to Sucktari.


  2. It is time to hold these losers accountable for allowing workplace corruption, greed, harassment, incompetence, oppression, disdain and a complete lack of morals. They all need to resign. Commissioners, Freeholders, County Manager, County Finance Director and County HR. They have failed the employees and the taxpayers. They were never, ever competent or qualified and they have created huge deficits and victims on everything single thing they tainted with their ignorance and incompetence. http://www.fbi.gov


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