Mt. Laurel Man (2) Constitutional Basis

The New Jersey Constitution is crystal clear on some things:


18.  The people have the right freely to assemble together, to consult for the common good, to make known their opinions to their representatives, and to petition for redress of grievances. 

That right does not exist for me (and likely anyone who disagrees with the governing body majority) in Kenilworth.

What part of the constitution does Kenilworth take seriously? This dubious one:

Where in the constitution is the right to affordable housing?

Nowhere except in the mind of an activist judge in 1975 who wanted to change the world but wound up costing New Jersey taxpayers billions of dollars that went mostly to these consultants.

From a 2013 book with a chapter on the Mount Laurel Affordable Housing mess that is the basis of the scheme being played out here:

Such change is only possible when the people in our more fortunate communities understand that what is required of them is not an act of generosity toward the people in the ghettos, but a decision of direct and deep self-interest. In Mount Laurel, the New Jersey Supreme Court used its broad conception of the “general welfare” to convert the theme of economic integration from an expression of an American ideal reflecting direct and deep self interest to a constitutional mandate. (page 53)

The perversion here is that local governments which are supposed to be answerable to their constituents (emphasis on the supposed to in Kenilworth) would need to take into account the general welfare of those outside of their municipality (how far outside – could it be the world?).

However, local governments should be doing what is best for their constituents (the ones who pay them taxes in exchange for services they get) as there are other governments at the county, state, and even federal level (who also get plenty of taxes) to look out for the general welfare of their broader population.

Deliberately confusing government roles and obligations benefits only a select few.


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  1. […] government designed to benefit party members is not unique to China. I am chronicling a particularly odious example in Kenilworth on the countywatchers blog but I won’t trouble you with that […]


  2. Posted by qpat00 on September 17, 2021 at 11:21 pm

    Wow, those bills for every little geegaw and bangle of boro engg. That works out to over $200,000 a year, and it was only a part time service to boot. No savings there but this wasnt done for the residents it was done for the political donations, harbor consultants being part of the senator scutari corrupted system in place in union county. Slickster scumbags, all started backabout 12 years ago when harbor got in bed with dem county politcal boss and started donating tens of thousands of dollars so he could expand his engg service from just drainage adn parking lots to major consulting and design work. Sad, very sad expose of the abusive self serving NJ politcal system at the taxpayer expense.


    • Sad for sure but the saddest thing is this may all be legal in New Jersey.
      Should find that out soon as I have OPRAed the Harbor Consultants contract six business days ago but it may be a while before I get as my OPRA requests, after an initial burst of quick responses, are now embargoed.


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