UCCF 12/16/21: Resolutions

Written comments and resolutions:

Reso 950 and 951 is spending another $3.3 million for food distribution over the $3.6 million spent last year for the out of work, the poor and the food secure.  But the ruling class can look down from the Ivory tower with their 9%, 11% and 18% raises knowing they are secure in their unwarranted riches and don’t have to stand in the lines with the great unwashed.

Reso 956 is a reso giving the county’s retirement planning services to a company owned by a George Mouded.  The name sounds familiar unsure the connection to a commissioner, the voting will tell. But how are we assured that this financial planner will not put county retire monies into financial vehicles that charge highest fees at the expense of the plans so he will make extra profits.  The authority catches the financial industry on this so many times.

Reso 973 for title services for a Berkeley Heights property the county is buying.  Does this $7,000 include title insurance?

Reso 987 to 997-The expenditures for our county elections just spiral upward, last 2 years now adding another $900,000 to over $6 million.  Reso’s constantly show up on many agendas.  Why can’t someone at the election division get a handle on them and introduce them all at once in one meeting so the public understands the total expense we are incurring.  Is this out of control?

Reso 1003 is $98,000 to Millennium strategies for grant writing.  What amazes me is that no one in legal can do this easy work?  What about ex-county counsel Barry who is still hiding out somewhere in the county building drawing around a $175,000 salary and just sitting on his thumbs since Bergen took over the county counsel job. 

Reso 1006-the county taxpayers lost another suit for $400,000.  What is interesting is that Chubb Insurance has to pay $240,000 of it.  There was no resolution this year hiring Chubb as our insurance Carrier.  Who is Chubb representing?

Resos 964 thru 966 are pre-qualified lists of architects’ engineers and project managers.  Note I will be OPRAing the lists.


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